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Cultural Institute of Health and Education Philadelphia

The mission of the Cultural Institute of Health and Education (CIHE) is to empower and prepare health professionals who will provide high quality, knowledge, caring and compassionate care for residents, in-patient, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, private homes, outpatient facilities and hospitals. It is our mission to prepare health education to individuals who are open minded, professional and dedicated to providing high quality care to all residents, clients and patients that they may serve.

Cultural Institute of Health and Education

Our Story

How We Got Started

The Cultural Institute of Health and Education (CIHE) is a nonprofit organization that started as an idea that was constructed by its founders; Amira Clemens, Terrie Johnson-Black and Denise Way. As practicing, nurses who also teach, we often discussed how to address significant issues we witnessed in practice and in instruction. The trends were that we did not often see an equal number of people of color in professional roles in healthcare or as students in health career programs in universities.

When we did encounter many of these individuals, we often wondered what made the difference between those who appeared professional and passionate as opposed to those who had poor professional conduct. We also questioned how a supportive mentor would change their behaviors and outlook on professional development and continuing education.

Another significant trend that we considered is the disproportionate number of people of color providing care to others from the same ethnic background. Understanding that when it comes to health issues, having someone from the same culture helps with gaining information that aids in addressing health interventions and health promotions.


Where We Are Now

Considerations for the economic background of many people who work in technical health careers have an effect on their career and educational decisions. These individuals may not have time, money or the means to secure funding to attend college. They may also lack mentors or people they can look up to of whom they can identify with what they are going through, educate them understand that a career goal that may seem out of reach is actually attainable.
Amira Clemens

Amira Clemens


Amira Clemens is a mother of 3 amazing men and practicing nurse of over 14 years. She is a life-long Philadelphia who was educated in the school district. After attending vocational school and becoming a Medical Assistant, she worked in various health practices before going back to school. She attended Community College of Philadelphia where she received her 1st nursing degree. She went on to receive both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing at Thomas Jefferson University. In 2009 she began her career as a nursing instructor. She is now a full professor of nursing.She has always had plans to give back to the community and afford others what led her to success. The opening of the Cultural Institute of Health and Education (CIHE) became a part of that plan 3 years ago. Along with her partners, CIHE is currently on it’s way to becoming her dream realized.