Terrie-Johnson Black

Vice President/Director of Education
Brief info

Terrie’s journey began in patient care at the young age of 8. She’s always had a passion for caring for the sick and educating people about their health. This passion grew, which lead to her becoming Medical Assistant, then a registered nurse and finally a nurse educator. She is so passionate about teaching because she was fortunate to have some wonderful educators that helped her become the nurse she is today. It has always been her mission “to pay it forward” to the next generation of health care workers. Terrie understands the importance and the need for qualified, professional health workers that put the needs of the others first. Healthcare workers who are caring, compassionate; flexible and a bit humorous (which helps with the bad times). She loves to learn and has shown in it in her career as a nurse by obtaining an Associate, a Bachelor’s and a Masters degree in nursing. She hopes that the students that pass through the doors of CIHE will eventually go on to achieve higher levels of education in healthcare. Particularly the students from undeserved and underrepresented communities, where nurses with advanced degrees are not the norm.